Merchant Banking & Private Equity

Quest Partners’ focus is on principal investments and private equity. We acquire, operate and grow companies in financial services, luxury goods, construction, manufacturing and industrial equipment. Quest Partners assists small and mid-sized companies internationally

Long Term Goals

Quest Partners does favor friendly leveraged buyouts and does not require a liquidity event within the medium term. We like to buy and hold. Cash is used for growth and for strengthening the balance sheet. Once the company is on solid ground, we like to distribute dividends.

What We Look For

Quest has a thoughtful and selective investment process. We will consider an acquisition if it meets the following criteria:

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What We Offer

Quest provides the key ingredients for growth through strategic planning and investment in talent. Quest provides a governance framework to provide guidance to achieve our company’s growth objectives.

Quest assists portfolio companies by advising senior management on broad strategic initiatives, facilitating new business relationships, supporting financial management and planning and providing guidance with respect to capital raising activities and acquisition strategies.

Quest’s management team collectively has significant investment banking, private equity investing and operating experience that spans multiple decades and market cycles. Quest Partners work together to structure, evaluate and execute investment opportunities. The combination of our professional resources brings a significant amount of experience to our companies.

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